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One of the charms of Grandvalira is its natural environment. We can live it, we can enjoy it, we can photograph it, remember it... but we also have the obligation to preserve it. With this in mind Grandvalira works towards ensuring sustainability, as well as encouraging visitors to act in a responsible manner.

For us, our commitment to the conservation of the environment means minimizing the impact of our facilities on the landscape as much as possible and by always acting with the utmost respect towards nature. Our environment is without doubt one of our most valuable assets.



Much of the Grandvalira resort is made up of areas of Pyrenean forest of great biological richness and biodiversity. Our priority has always been to ensure that the modifications we make to the terrain are environmentally friendly, and to achieve this we carry out a series of activities to minimize our impact.

In order to protect the fauna of the surrounding area, at Grandvalira we mark the obstacles and demarcate areas for the protection and conservation of species such as the bearded vulture and the capercaillie.

In addition, to promote these values among children, we organize educational projects such as the so-called “Forn Natura”, which uses an approach based on experimentation through the senses.



All our waste is treated and managed in accordance with the National Waste Plan of the Andorran government’s Department of the Environment.

Grandvalira makes a responsible selection waste, while also monitoring the treatment of waste once it has been removed from the resort, in order to ensure continuous control until the end of the process. We are also committed to the use of biodegradable products and materials.



One of the guiding principles of Grandvalira is the continuous effort to reduce the water consumption in the resort. The new sustainable buildings regenerate 36% of the water and for the new ecological toilets the figure is 80%. A system for the remote management of the water networks has been installed and the treatment plants have been enlarged.

Electric power is another resource whose consumption we seek to reduce and control. All activity undertaken to safeguard the resources of the resort is managed under the umbrella of the ISO 14001 standard.



Andorra’s food safety legislation (HACCP) is applied in all of Grandvalira’s restaurant facilities. The Ensisa sectors are certified according to ISO 22000:2005, which specifies requirements for a food safety management system. This certification means maintaining the highest levels of food safety in all processes, so that skiers and visitors are offered a product of the highest quality.

Another important objective for Grandvalira was to establish a quality management system capable of meeting the needs of all the company’s customers. For this purpose we have obtained ISO 9001 certification, which ensures that we have a set of policies, procedures and tools that allow us to offer the quality that our customers deserve.



To protect our employees and make sure they are working in a safe environment, we have also implemented OSHAS 18001, an employee health and safety management system. The domain organizes regular medical checks for its workers, and each season invests in training on occupational safety, evacuation drills and the use of extinguishers in the case of fire, evacuation drills for chair lifts and restaurants.



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