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1    How can I accede to the wifi of station?

The Grandvalira’s wifi is free without limits for all clients having a valid 2016-2017 Season Ski Pass. To be able to enjoy connection on the ski ressort from any mobile support, tablet or PC, it’s necessary to register in MyGrandvalira, entering the WIFI CODE that appears in the same season skipass ( unic code, personal and untransferable of a single use) and, you will be able to enjoy Wireless with unlimited duration as many days you have the skipass.


1.1   Where can I buy passes?

Passes can be bought through our website or at any of our ticket offices located at the entrances to the 6 sectors or at the Grandvalira stand located on the ground floor of Illa Carlemany mall.


1.2 What are of the opening hours of the ticket offices selling passes?

All of our ticket offices located at the foot of the slopes are open during the ski season from Monday to Sunday, from 8.45 am to 4 pm.


1.3   Where do I redeem the voucher if I bought the ski pass on the website?

Passes can be redeemed at any of our ticket offices for the 6 sectors of the resort or at our Express ticket offices, designed for collecting online purchases. These ticket offices are located in Illa Carlemany, Funicamp, El Tarter, Soldeu and Pas de la Casa. 


1.4   Does the Grandvalira Booking Center only sell passes and resort services?

No, at the Grandvalira Booking Center you may book the resort services, as well as hotel packages, accommodation and any customized service you may require via our website. If you require a customized service, you may send a request to the contact form in order to receive a customized quote.


       1.5 How far in advance do I have to make my online purchases in Grandvalira?

       All online purchases must be made before 3 pm on the day before your arrival.


1.6  I have bought a hotel package + pass. Where can I collect the passes?

Grandvalira provides an exclusive service for sending passes to hotels located in the country, for clients purchasing hotel packages + passes via our website. Once you have checked into your hotel, the reception staff will give you an envelope with all of the resort services which have been booked in your name. You must take into account that this service is only available for purchases made with at least 24 hours' notice and on working days.

Please note: This service is not available for bookings on which the first ski day is the same as the arrival day at the hotel, in which case, the pass must be collected from any of the ticket offices within the ski resort by presenting the online purchase confirmation.


1.7   Does the pass price include insurance for covering accidents on the slopes?

No, but this ski insurance can be bought via our website or you may ask for it at the ticket offices while purchasing your pass. It is important to take into account that once a pass has been used, insurance can no longer be added to it. At the ticket offices you can also purchase lost-pass cover, which will give you a new pass free of charge if you lose the old one. 


1.8   Is it cheaper to buy the pass on the website than at the ticket offices?

Yes, the price of the ski pass is cheaper if you buy online and in advance (up to 00.00 before the day of skiing). We also recommend you visit our offers section as there are packages which combine different services at very competitive prices.


1.9   As of what time can I use an afternoon pass?

The afternoon pass starts at 1 pm and it can be bought at the ticket offices as of 12.45 am.


1.10   What time does the morning pass finish?

The morning pass will stop working as of 12.00 noon.


1.11   Is there a special pass for beginners?

Yes, the beginners pass is on sale at our ticket offices or via our website. This pass grants access to a restricted area of slopes in each of our sectors, except for Soldeu.  


1.12 I have lost my pass, can I request a duplicate?

Grandvalira Grandvalira does not provide duplicate passes; however, you have the option to purchase lost-pass cover when you buy your pass. This option is only available from the ticket offices at the resort, and will give you a new pass free of charge if you lose the old one. The cost is per person/day. If you also purchase accident insurance for the ski slopes, the cost of the lost-pass cover is reduced. 


1.13 Can I access the slopes if I don't ski?

Yes, there is a pedestrian type pass for the Encamp, Canillo, Tarter and Soldeu sectors which includes two accesses and two returns on the same day. This will allow you to access our restaurants and some adventure activities, or simply enjoy the views. The Grau Roig and Pas de la Casa sectors, which are at the foot of the slopes, do not require any passes.


1.14 Is it possible to return a multiple-day pass which has been partially used?

No, if you are not sure whether you will be able to use all the days, we recommend you buy daily passes or specific products such as the 5 days out of 7 pass, or the 7 days out of 10 pass, which can be used in a non-consecutive manner.


1.15 If the weather is bad, do the passes and/or the services hired get returned?

No. You must go to the ticket offices within the ski resort where the Grandvalira personnel will inform you on the procedure to be followed based on the type of pass you have and/or the services you have hired. Llei relativa a les estacions d'esquí i les instal·lacions de transport per cable.


1.16 Do I need a pass for the adventure activities?

In the El Tarter, Soldeu and Canillo sectors you must have a valid ski or pedestrian pass for the day on which you access the activities area. The Grau Roig activities center is located in the Cubil car park, which can be accessed by car and there is no need for a pass.


1.17 Are there discounts on passes for large families?

No, but we have different family packages and offers. We recommend you visit our offers section.


1.18 Are there discounts on passes or special accesses for physically disabled people?

Yes, please consult the benefits and conditions on our website


1.19  I have a season pass and I would like to bring a friend. How can I obtain an invitation?

The invitation must be processed from your account on Fanatics.


1.20  How to pick up a season ski pass on behalf of another person?

Season Passes acquired via the online process shall be delivered to the acquiring party in person at the Grandvalira offices indicated during the contracting process and upon showing the reference number generated during the aforementioned process.The acquiring party shall similarly present photographic proof of identification to accredit his/her identity (passport or national identification document). In the case of not being the acquiring party, it will be necessary to present an authorisation signed by the acquiring party along with a photocopy of his/her passport or national.


1.21  What is “My Grandvalira”?

MyGrandvalira is a single clients identification register. With the Grandvalira’s account, you can unify all your data and conect into all our services and channels with just one click: Wifi, App, Season skipass, Newsletter, Skipass Plus+, online shopping…easy and quick.


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2.1   Is it advisable to book skiing lessons in advance?

It is always a good idea, especially on dates which coincide with holiday periods.  If you wish, you can book your lessons now.


2.2   Should I only book lessons at the ski school if I am a beginner?

No, our ski school is designed for all levels, even for skiers with an advanced level who wish to perfect their technique or try a different discipline.


2.3   What are the lesson options provided at the Grandvalira ski school centers?

You can choose between private or group lessons in alpine skiing, snowboard, freestyle, free ride, cross-country skiing, Top Class and for children we also have specific programs: Mon(t) Màgic in Canillo and Imaginarium in Encamp, Grau Roig and Pas de la Casa.


2.4   Are Canillo and Grau Roig the only sectors which provide lessons for children?

Canillo, Encamp, Grau Roig and Pas de la Casa sectors provide specific programs for children, but you may also find lessons for children (Snow garden) in all sectors in Grandvalira.


2.5   Does the price for lessons include the pass?

No, the price for the lessons does not include the pass and this must be purchased in order to access the schools. The pass may be purchased in advance on our website or at the ticket offices before starting the lessons. You cannot attend the classes with a beginner’s pass, as it only allows you to access certain slopes and would affect the mobility of the group and the monitor.


2.6   Does the price for the snow garden include the pass?

The service does not include the pass, lunch or ski material. Children should bring ski boots, skis and a helmet.


2.7   My child is not yet 2 years old, can I leave him/her at the crèche?

In the ski resort, only the Grau Roig crèche is designed for looking after children aged 1 and above. Floquet de neu crèche, located in the main road of El Tarter and near to the entrance of the ski resort, accepts children from 0-24 months. All other crèches accept children which are already 2 years old.


2.8   Can group lessons be started any day of the week?

No, group lessons for 3, 4 and 5 days begin on Mondays and 2-day group lessons begin on Saturdays. (Based on the holiday calendar, we add certain extra days which can be viewed on our website in the description of the selected type of lessons). For people who cannot begin on the established days, Grandvalira offers personal instructors whose services can be booked in advance.


2.9   What ski level should I choose when booking a lesson?

Although, once they have passed the level test with the instructors, the school divides students into skiing levels, there are some general criteria for their classification:

Beginners: Green Pistes

Level 1: Green and blue

Level 2: Blue and red

Level 3: Red and black


2.10    If I don't ski, are there any other activities I can enjoy while at the ski resort?

Yes, at Grandvalira we have a wide range of adventure activities, such as dog sled rides, snowshoes, snowmobiles, igloo building, snow tubing, zip-lining, etc. For more information and bookings, please visit the activities section on our website.


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3.1   When does the resort open, and what are its opening hours?

The 2018-19 season at Grandvalira begins on 1 December and ends on 22 April. Opening hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 


3.2   Does the ski resort have car parks?

Yes, at the foot of the slopes, some are free and others charge for their use, depending on the entrance sector. The free car parks are in Grau Roig and El Tarter. All other car parks require payment.


3.3   Can I find out about the weather forecast on the pistes, accesses, skiable kilometers, etc.?

Yes, this updated information can be found on our website.


3.4   Where can I check the condition of the roads for accessing Grandvalira?

The Government of Andorra has a website on which it publishes real-time information on road conditions:


3.5   Where can I park my camper van/motorhome at Grandvalira?

You can stay overnight free of charge in the Grau Roig and El Tarter sectors, but there are no facilities available. At El Tarter, parking is limited to 48 hours.


3.6   Can I take my dog onto the slopes?

For safety reasons, the resort does not allow dogs to be taken onto the slopes under any circumstances.


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4.1   Can the on-piste lunch service be purchased in advance on the website?

Yes, we have baguette menu and self-service offers on our website


4.2   When I book a menu on the website, it asks that I select a specific sector, does that mean I can only eat in that sector of the ski resort?

No, the selected sector indicates where the lunch tickets will be collected. The menus available for online purchase (baguette menu and self-service menu) can be used in any of the Grandvalira sectors. You can find a list of the restaurants serving these menus on our website.


4.3   Do I need to book a table at the restaurants?

There is no need to book at the self-service and fast food restaurants.  However, for restaurants with table service we advise to call and book a table in advance, especially during holiday periods. View restaurants


4.4   Does Grandvalira provide special gluten-free menus?

Yes, our self-service restaurants serve special menus for people who are intolerant to gluten. We advise you check with each center regarding the availability of specific menus for different food intolerances.


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5.1   Does Grandvalira have shops hiring ski and snowboard equipment?

No, however we do have a wide range of collaborating shops where you can book them in advance via our website.


5.2   Do they hire ski clothing?

Grandvalira only facilitates hiring hard material such as skis, boards, boots, poles, etc.



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6.1   Are snow bikes allowed on the pistes?

No, our ski resort does not allow this activity.


6.2   Are sleds allowed on the pistes?

No, due to safety reasons we do not allow sleds to be used in our facilities.


6.3   Are the sled dog snow skates allowed on the pistes?

Yes, our ski resort allows this activity.


6.4 Are you allowed to use a drone on the slopes?

The use of drones in the resort is prohibited because of security reasons. 


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7.1   I have lost something in the ski resort, where should I go?

You can check with the information desks at our ski resort, or by the contact form


7.2   If I have an accident on the pistes, who should I call or where should I go for assistance?

We recommend you always carry a map of the ski resort with you, as it includes all of the emergency telephone numbers you may need or download the Alpify application which should be used in the event of an emergency.  If you don't have either of them, please call 112 to notify our rescue services.


7.3   Do I have to use a helmet?

It is not mandatory, but it is advisable, especially for children and teenagers. We also recommend adults use helmets as it increases their safety.


7.4   Does the ski resort have lockers for storing skis?

Yes, you will find the ski lockers in the different sectors of Grandvalira. Please ask at any of our informations desks, where you will be provided with information on their location, characteristics and conditions of use.


7.5 Where can I check the current promotions available throughout the season?

The conditions of the promotions can be found on our website. Additionally, if you have registered with our Database, you will receive our regular newsletter which includes details of promotions and/or last minute offers. To register with our Grandvalira database, please do so via our website.


7.6   Can I access the pistes via the Funicamp with a baby?

Strictly due to safety reasons, this lift cannot be accessed by children under 3 years of age.


8.   Law relating to ski resorts and cableway facilities, 9-11-2000

See the law


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